The stainless steel hollow sections are mainly used for various applications


Stainless steel is turning into a regular material in construction ventures because of its extraordinary components. Stainless steel hollow sections are a great decision for developments requiring strength, in vogue appearance and creative structure.

Architectural Designs

The qualities of stainless steel, eminently its erosion resistance, stylish appearance and mechanical properties, make it in a perfect world suited for some engineering applications. Ideal execution is accomplished by considering these qualities when planning in stainless steel. There are numerous valuable assets both on this site and others which are gathered together at Raaj Tubes to give a "one-stop shop" for designers, building temporary workers and basic architects.

Pharmaceutical businesses

At Raaj Tubes, we offer wide range of stainless steel hollow section tubes which is used on large scale by major pharmaceutical industries today.

Petroleum and Marine Industries

Raaj Tubes gives everything the boat, ship building and Petroleum industry needs stainless steel empty area items. We are perceived by real shipyards as industry specialists and the quality pioneer with regards to supplying items in full understanding with stringent prerequisites.

Road Transportation

We supply our clients with tailor made answers for transport and mentor body structures, anything from standard length tubes to laser cut parts. We additionally offer our skill and experience for our clients' utilization to offer them some assistance with choosing the ideal materials.