Stainless Steel Flat Tubes

Stainless Steel Flat Tubing

Stainless steel flat tubes are products that can be used for various applications in construction, design, and decoration. Stainless steel tubes have a lower weight and cost than stainless steel plates and offer better surface finish and strength properties. Our tubes are available in different grades, sizes, and finishes to suit different needs and preferences. Raaj Tubes is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel flat tubes that meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and excellence.

Raaj Tubes uses the latest technology, best quality material, and excellent craftsmanship to produce stainless steel flat tubes that are strong, exceptional, and sustainable. Raaj Tubes also offers customized services, such as cutting, bending, polishing, and welding, to ensure that you get the perfect product for your project. With Raaj Tubes, you can be assured of getting the finest quality of stainless steel tubes at the most competitive prices.

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Stainless Steel Flat Tubes
Rectangular Weight (Kg/m)(Metric Sizes)
H x B (mm) 1.00 1.20 1.50 2.00
20 10 0.453 0.538 0.661 0.857
30 10 0.613 0.729 0.901 1.176
40 10 0.772 0.921 1.140 1.495
50 10 0.932 1.112 1.379 1.814
70 10 1.495 1.858 2.452
80 10 1.686 2.097 2.771
90 10 1.878 2.336 3.090
100 20 2.261 2.814 3.728
Manufacturing Process
Forming Cold formed
Welding process TIG, Plazma, TIG-Plazma-TIG
Weld condition External weld bead removed
Tube Marking
Ink-jet marking on tube Raaj Tubes, grade, dimensions
Heat number, length,
Made in india
Bundle tag Dimensions, length, grade, surface condition,
bundle number, total meters
Available Surface Condition
Mill Finish, 180 Grit, 220 Grit, 320 Grit, 400 Grit, 600 Grit
Characteristic Tolerance
Outside dimensions, B and H ± 1% with a minimum of ± 0.5 mm, when B, H < 100 mm
Concavity/Convexity (x1/x2) Max. 0.8% with a minimum of 0.5 mm
Wall thickness, T ± 10%, when T ≤ 2 mm
External corner profile, C1, C2 or R(1) Maximum 1.5T, when T ≤ 3 mm and B, H ≤ 100 mm
Length, L(2) Standard length 6000 mm, tolerance -0/+20 mm
Straightness 0.15% of total length
Twist 2 mm + 0.5 mm/m
Weld postion Narrow side
(1) Exception from standard
(2) Better than standard length tolerance -0/+50 mm


Stainless Steel Flat Tube Plan - Raaj Tubes
*This dimensions is maximum when measuring B and H and minimum when measuring T.

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